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Would you like to learn more about your soul path and spiritual purpose? Do you wonder about your past lives? Are you open to receiving a personal message from your celestial guides? Click here for more information.



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Damiana Sage Miller is a gifted ambassador between worlds. She communicates with angels and extraterrestrials, sharing their messages of love and hope.




Many people have positive and profound experiences after a channeled reading from Damiana. Read some of their comments.

Damiana Sage Miller, Extraterrestrial Guide
Third Eye Awakening

Damiana Sage Miller is the author of Third Eye Awakening: Adventures of a Clairvoyant Traveler. (Copyright 2013.) For more information about this book, click here.

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Extraterrestrial Guide

Damiana Sage Miller is the author of Ambassadors Between Worlds: Intergalactic Gateway to a New Earth. For more information about this book, click here.

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