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Damiana Sage Miller is a gifted ambassador between worlds. She communicates with angels and extraterrestrials, sharing their messages of love and hope.




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On Thursday evenings I channel Adam, an enlightened extraterrestrial from the 7th dimension. On this webpage, you can read the transcripts of a recent session. You can also download a free ebook that contains the transcripts of several sessions.


June 27, 2013


Adam: Greetings, dear ones. It is I, Adam. I would like to start off this evening by discussing environment and circumstances. Please recognize that your environment and circumstances have very little effect on the choices you make. Even if you choose to change your environment or circumstances, if you don’t choose to change your attitude or vibrations it will have very little effect on creating constructive, positive change within your life. Recognizing this, recognizing that no matter what your circumstances may be, or where you are at this particular time in your life, if you let go of lower vibrations — of fear, anxiety, resentment, anger — recognize that everything is momentary and your circumstances can change in an instant. Living with that understanding, that non-attachment, you are able to create a more positive future that you were trying to manifest in your life.

May I answer some questions today?


Zak: Yes. Good evening, Adam. Thank you for making your presence here this evening with us once again. I want to follow up on that. I do understand what you’re saying about first working on ourselves and we’ll carry that with us everywhere we go and then our environment will be mirrored from what we express within ourselves. But I have a question about a branch of science known as epigenetics. I want to understand how this might relate to what you’re discussing. Epigenetics is the study of the relationship between the individual unit and the environment. We know that the environment does affect the individual unit to some degree. For example, you can put a living cell into a petri dish of poison and the living cell will die. However, if you put that same living cell into an environment of plain water, for example, or clear, clean water, that living cell will live. So, the environment in this case actually did make the difference on whether or not that individual unit, that individual cell, would survive. Can you talk about this?


Adam: Please recognize that within your physical reality you control your environment. Your environment does not control you. That being said, there is an array of environments within your physical reality that you can choose to survive or resonate within. Recognize that within this analogy of the living cell there is an outside source controlling that cell one way or another. Within your own physical reality, while there are rules and regulations, you do have free will and you do have the choice to exist in whichever environment or reality best suits you. However, even if you choose to change that environment — move to a new city, change jobs, new relationships — unless you change your own attitude, your own outlook, you’re going to have mirrored situations and experiences, even within this new environment.

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Zak: I think that you brought up another topic in your answer to that last question. I thought you said that the living cell has an outside source in some way controlling it. You were using this as an analogy to the human being, like we have an outside source. Did I understand that correctly? Are you referring to our connection to our higher self? Are you saying that the unitary cell has some deeper intelligence within it or outside of it? Can you clarify this?


Adam: Recognize that while everything and everyone is connected with All That Is, when you choose to reincarnate and manifest within a physical reality — Earth at this time — you choose a life of free will where, while there have been rules, regulations, and limitations that one another has set for each other, in the overall picture you have free will and your choices are infinite. In the situation or analogy that you were speaking of between scientists choosing to place this living cell in poison or clean water, there’s an outside source coming in and making a choice for that living cell.


Zak: Oh, I’ve got it now. Yes, thank you for that clarification. I have a question. For more than 50 years, the SETI Institute has been sending radio signals into space searching for extraterrestrial intelligence. (In fact, SETI stands for the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.) Scientists working on the project have been hoping to get a response from extraterrestrials who might receive their radio signals. Why haven’t any extraterrestrials responded?


Adam: How do you know we haven’t?


Zak: They look for patterns in the radio signals that would indicate there’s some kind of intelligence responding and so far I think there was maybe one case that might have been a fluke of some sort, but essentially as far as the major population is aware, they’re still looking.


Adam: Please recognize that there are facets of your government that have made connections with extraterrestrial life. At this time, they find it most appropriate that the masses are unaware of these interactions, having groups and skeptics working on certain projects that are not shared with the public to create conflicting ideas and views. Also please recognize that the instruments and technology that you have on your planet are designed for third-dimensional connections. This is not to say that there isn’t extraterrestrial life within your third-dimensional existence. This is just something to be aware of.


Zak: Well, I had the understanding that extraterrestrials were able to stop nuclear  missiles from leaving their silos. So it seems to me that you have the technology to send a simple radio signal in some sort of a pattern if you so desired. It seems pretty obvious to me that most advanced extraterrestrials could accomplish this if they wished to. I’m just wondering why it seems like they’ve never done that.


Adam: Again, do not assume that we have never done that. On top of that, please know that while we are evaluating and assessing humanity’s energy as a whole, we do not find it appropriate at this time to make our existence more known on a more global level.


Zak: Okay. And just for the record, SETI, as I understand it, is not associated with the federal government. I believe that it was organized and funded from outside of the government.

I have a question about the United States Supreme Court which just ruled in favor of equal rights for gay people. Fundamental Christians believe that the Bible condemns homosexuality. Would you comment on this?


Adam: As humanity continues evolving, continues growing more aware and understanding of selves, understanding of compassion and love and the infinite ways that love can come, the understanding that the choices and the different identities that people choose to take on in this physical reality begins to grow with more understanding and more acceptance for one another. Please recognize that while the Bible has many guidelines and ideas that could be and have been helpful to humanity over the years, nothing on your planet is set in stone. Everything continues to grow and evolve, as you do. Looking at this in this way, where everything can change and will change, is going to be most helpful to your future.


Zak: Why does the Bible seem to condemn homosexuality?


Adam: Please recognize that when the Bible was manifested from human hands and ideas, that the need for humanity to continue growing and moving forward was extremely important at the time, so the connection between a man and a woman to co-create was very important. As humanity continues growing and coming to new conclusions and ideas, the necessity for souls to continue reincarnating on the planet Earth is not as necessary but will not actually die out with these new understandings.


Zak: Renee, do you have some questions today?


Renee: Yes. Hello Adam, and thank you. I would like to ask, What is the difference or how does one distinguish between happiness and bliss?


Adam: Do not get wrapped up in labels and earthly definitions. Recognize that when you start to let go of attachment, start living from moment to moment — again recognizing that moments can come in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, or even lifetimes — then you can start to appreciate right here, right now, creating an infinite bliss for yourself. If you begin to get technical within humanity’s definition between the two, happiness can come from different experiences and connections that are made upon your planet, while bliss is more internal happiness. The two are very much related. Again, not getting wrapped up in those definitions, but simply letting yourself be and feel whatever it is that you need to feel within each moment, you can begin to live a life of bliss.


Renee: Someone recently told me, “As above, so below.” Can you explain what that means?


Adam: Indeed. While much of humanity has this idea of heaven or hell after Earth, that you’re going to be judged in some form or another, “As above, so below” is this connection of “Everything that is within you is projected on the outside,” that you are heaven or hell, so to speak. That connection is reflected in everything and everywhere around you. Recognize this connection — as action/reaction, karma if you will — that whatever you put out will be returned, this connection that you have with All That Is.


Renee: Thank you.


Zak: Carl, do you have some questions this evening?


Carl: My question is more personal about me and my life, if that’s okay?


Adam: Absolutely.


Carl: I was wondering how I could use my talents and intelligence that I feel like I have to be successful or happy, and how would I go about achieving that and why haven’t I been able to do that so far in my life?



• Please recognize that before incarnating, you map out a plan for your life. Sometimes that plan involves certain experiences that are more difficult or harsh (if you were to label them upon this planet) so that you can gain certain understanding of self, certain awareness, and you can learn what you want in your life by what you don’t want. When you begin to understand this, when you begin to become more aware of who you are and what your passions are on this planet, you can begin to manifest them properly, recognizing that everything — every thought, idea, action, all — is projected in some way into the universe. Once you understand this, you can begin to organize your thoughts, ideas, and actions in a way where they will be constructive and not destructive in your life.

• Recognize that when you feel lost and lonely, that this is the perfect time to go within and bring forth your strengths and your weaknesses, not pushing them under the rug, but integrating them into your life, using those weaknesses so that they can become strengths together.

• It is also important that when you realize that you are projecting everything into your world from the inside out, that even when things are difficult or hard that you keep your vibration high.

• When you go about constantly wanting, you’re going to manifest more wanting. So, simply be what you want to be, living your passion, doing what you love.

• Recognize that when you do live your passion, even if at the time it’s hard and difficult and you aren’t making monetary gain that might be necessary for living at the time, that it will come when you do what you love. You will be taken care of, you will find a place for yourself in this world, and that when you’re ready, you have set up a future for self before incarnating that is positive and beneficial to yourself and this planet.


Carl: Okay. I have a follow-up question. I feel like I don’t really know what I’m passionate about. I feel like I don’t really know what I love and that’s really troublesome to me. Is there something that I can do to go about making this easier for me?



• Recognize that just because out in the world there are certain careers that are already set, this does not mean that you can’t make your own new passion, career or future. Taking aspects of your life that you enjoy — music, art, animals, friendship — you can manifest into your life an entirely new job or career that doesn’t even exist in the world today.

• Taking time, especially these times when you are confused and lost, to reflect, to gain more awareness of what your passions might be, you can begin to make a plan for yourself to manifest them in a physical way. Again, recognizing that when you continually want, it actually pushes it much further away from you. Just change your mind-set to simply being exactly what you want to be.


Carl: Thank you.


Zak: Jay?


Jay: Hello Adam. As always, it’s a pleasure to connect. Does something exist for a person who is unaware of the existence of that thing?


Adam: Yes and no. Everything exists already in your world and beyond it. When you gain more awareness and you move your vibration up, these different aspects move their way into your understanding, into your field of vision, into your physical reality. For example, there are ancient artifacts, ancient fossils, all over your planet. As individuals and masses start to gain more awareness and raise their vibration, these discoveries start to be made upon your planet, that are already existing.


Jay: Here on Earth we have a theory called the “butterfly effect,” the idea that small changes in one part of the world can affect other parts of the world. But we also feel that we can control outcomes. How do we increase the possibility or probability of an outcome or consequence happening?


Adam: Recognize that while you do have very much control over your life and your choices, that every action has an equal or greater reaction. How that reaction is going to play out is going to differ from situation to situation and experience to experience. Now, there are mathematical situations that are going to play out every single time. When you roll a pebble at a wall at the exact same speed and exact same angle, it’s going to hit that wall every time, exactly the same way. When you add wind or resistance to the equation, it’s going to change that pebble’s path. So recognize that while you have control over everything that you do in your reality, you have absolutely no control over what others do in their reality that has a relationship with your reality. Recognizing this, gaining awareness of your own action and reaction, that you can control how you react to different situations, is going to be your best way to handle this sort of situation.


Jay: If we reflect what we are, what are secrets and deception?


Adam: Recognize, again, that you do control and create everything within your reality. What you choose to share with those around you in your reality is up to you. Again, please recognize that how you affect others with your choices is out of your control. You can only control how you choose to project yourself into the world, how you choose to share yourself with the world, and how you choose to control and manipulate your own surroundings.


Jay: What are some of the other third-dimensional planets and civilizations like?


Adam: There are planets, very similar to Earth, existing with similar beings. There are also planets with beings similar to humanity’s who are further along in their evolution. There are planets similar to humanity’s with beings who are much further back in their evolution. There are planets made of gas beings. There are planets made of micro-beings. There are planets made entirely of plant energy and plant beings. There are planets that exist within your third dimension completely made up of a balance between the spiritual world and physical reality.


Jay: How many other places in the universe, besides Earth, have humans living there?


Adam: There is one planet with humans on it. There are many planets with human-like organisms. They have their own languages, their own understanding of their physical reality, their own labels, and their own future.


Jay: Do you enjoy any Earth books or shows and, if so, which ones?


Adam: We enjoy what humanity enjoys, what humanity has created for themselves. We enjoy humanity sharing their passions, their talents, their knowledge and awareness, and we enjoy watching these exchanges take place.


Zak: Beth?


Beth: I work with somebody who enjoys hunting and killing animals. Is that something that you would enjoy because they enjoy that?


Adam: We judge no one. We love to see people enjoying their hobbies.


Zak: What about the effect that their hobbies are having on other life forms?


Adam: This is something that humanity is going to have to choose how they want to help and create for their future. When you look out into the world and you see things that don’t necessarily align with your inner beliefs or your own vibration or what you see most appropriate for the future, humanity is going to have to unite and decide how best to handle these situations. Until then, you must gain an equilibrium and understanding for one another and have no attachment to even these painful, harsh situations you see around you.


Zak: Adam, lawmakers in Texas are trying to prevent women from having abortions. People get very emotional over this topic. Would you comment on this?


Adam: Please recognize that this is, again, another topic that humanity must lay out on the table and decide how to handle, and what is most appropriate for different human beings, recognizing that change is inevitable, that these situations and experiences are necessary for different individuals for their own growth, their own understanding, their own karma that must be sorted out, and these situations are there for humanity to communicate with one another, to understand different types of relationships with one another, to understand your own beliefs and values, and to unite as individuals as a diverse group and come together in the future with an understanding for one another and choices that one another must make.


Zak: Humans are very sexual, and women often get pregnant before the couple is ready to care for a child. What are your thoughts on human sexuality and handling unwanted pregnancies?


Adam: The choices that individuals must make in these experiences are difficult, painful experiences — mostly for the individuals — and we have nothing but compassion and understanding for the experiences. Recognize that sexuality is part of the human experiences, letting go of any shame that humanity holds for their natural sexuality, recognizing it as part of who you are and accepting it so that you can communicate properly. Discuss it with the young people of your world so that they can learn and be educated about how to properly express that sexuality so that they don’t get themselves into these types of situations or experiences.


Zak: Coming back to, let’s say, fundamental Christianity, many people believe that the Bible is a moral authority and they believe that it’s a sin, for example, to kill an unborn child. Can you speak about where morality fits into all of this?


Adam: Please recognize that what is moral or valuable to you is going to have to be something you come to on your own, realizing that, yes, there are outside sources like the Bible, like religion, like the morals of your friends or family, that can influence your decision, but deciding what is right for you in your own heart, and recognizing that just because someone has a belief does not necessarily mean it’s a reality. It is their reality, absolutely, but it does not mean it is the reality. Recognizing this, accepting everyone’s different beliefs even if you don’t agree with them, and making choices that are best suited for humanity as a whole in the future, is a bridge that humanity will have to cross.


Zak: Why does God in the Old Testament seem to be jealous and angry? Does God exist in that manner or was the Old Testament God created from human imagination?


Adam: Do you exist in that manner?


Zak: Yes, I sometimes get angry and sometimes experience jealousy or the lower emotions. It has always been my belief that the Bible was written by humans with all of our human flaws. I always considered God in the Old Testament to be anthropomorphic, meaning that the humans who wrote those parts of the Bible have endowed God with human qualities.


Adam: Not only does God have human qualities, but humanity has God-like qualities.


Zak: Why do the Bible and Koran have such power over so many people?


Adam: Humanity or individuals give power to whatever they choose to. In this particular manifestation they have chosen these two particular books as being extremely powerful and controlling within the religious network. You can give or take away the power in any situation on your planet. Nothing on your planet holds more or less power than anything else. Recognizing this, standing up for your own power, your own beliefs, your own future, and using it to help create a positive future, to make positive changes in your individual life and your life as humanity as a whole, is up to you.


Zak: Is God inside of us or outside of us? Does God even exist?


Adam: Yes, yes, maybe.


Zak: (Laughs) Jay, do you have another question?


Jay: Do most other planets only have two sexes or which planet has the most?


Adam: Each incarnation is different. Some planets are more appropriate for incarnating to deal with different karma, to deal with the relationships between different souls. Some planets are not most appropriate for that. There are other causes for reincarnating on those planets. Many planets have no sexes; there are simply beings that exist within those worlds.


Jay: Is overpopulation a possibility on Earth or have we reached what we would consider a tipping point with souls refusing to incarnate?


Adam: You are already at a tipping point. You are already highly populated and souls continue to choose to come to this planet. Recognize that humanity is destroying the planet Earth in many ways and making it a place where souls will not want to incarnate in the future. We are hoping through these connections, through these sessions and future growth that we hope to take place, that we can make more of humanity aware of these global changes and the necessity to help this planet so souls will want to continue incarnating here.


Zak: Would you say that we’re definitely overpopulated right now, especially when you consider our inability to feed and clothe and house and provide adequate health care for all the people that already exist on the planet?


Adam: Please recognize that you have the ability and the resources to feed, clothe, educate and take care of all the beings that exist on your planet. How you choose to make that a reality on your planet is up to you.


Zak: Adam, do you have anything to say about Damiana’s interest in moving forward with going public with you and her?


Adam: Indeed. I would like to take the next couple months to continue with Damiana and I getting more comfortable and adapted to this relationship and this connection so that when we do decide to go more public that there are no worries about how and where and what we will speak about.


Zak: Well, thank you, Adam, for coming through this evening. We always feel blessed to be in your presence and to listen to your words of wisdom and feel your love. Do you have anything else to share with us this evening?


Adam: The pleasure is all mine. Many, many blessings dear ones. In love and light.

Damiana Sage Miller is the author of Third Eye Awakening: Adventures of a Clairvoyant Traveler. For more information about this book, click here.

Damiana Sage Miller is the author of Ambassadors Between Worlds: Intergalactic Gateway to a New Earth. For more information about this book, click here.

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