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1) Beginning the Journey

       Breath Awareness


2) Language of Meditation

       Rhythmic Breathing


3) Manifesting Miracles

       The Rose


4) Color and Visualization

       Hue-Man Rainbows


5) Positive Affirmations

       Brother's Keeper


6) Protection

       White Light


7) Channeling

       Phone Home

Summon the Light Within:

Daily Exercises and Meditations


These channeled exercises and meditations, offered by the Ascended Masters, are designed so that you may do one each day on a continuing basis.


 Forgiveness is for Giving


 Life is for Living


 Atonement is to be 'At One'


 Bright as the Central Sun


 Witness the Moment of Rebirth


 Attention Eases Tension


 Peace on Earth



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Summon the Light Within, Ascended Masters, Meditation
Meditation and Channeling, Learn to Meditate, How to Channel
Summon the Light Within, Ascended Masters, Meditation