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Starseed Readings, Light Worker, Indigo Child

Starseed Readings


 Are you a Star Person, Light Worker, or Indigo?


 Do you believe you’re an extraterrestrial

incarnated as a human being?


 Are you an Earth-based disciple of the Spiritual Hierarchy?


 Are you a New World Server helping to externalize the Ascended Master Plan for right relations and global peace?


 Do you have a very specific mission?


 Do you feel that you have a larger purpose?


 Are you an awakening, or awakened, soul on the Path?




If you answered yes to any of these queries, Starseed Readings can help you to understand your true identity and clarify your soul purpose.  



Starseed Readings offer guidance in many areas of life, especially past-lives, soul purpose, planetary mission, and future opportunities. Each reading is unique because the information comes directly from the Akashic Records. The spiritual guide that brings forth the information is different for each individual. Saint Germain, Mother Mary, or Yogananda may have information for you. Some people receive private messages from Pleiadians, Arcturians, or other benevolent extraterrestrials. Nature spirits or the person’s own higher self may come through if their presence or message is appropriate for that person.

Each reading begins with an opening dialogue addressing areas of major concern. A question period follows. (You may ask up to 5 questions.) This is your opportunity to gain additional clarity regarding certain aspects of your life. Starseed readings are approximately 15 to 30 minutes and are recorded or transcribed for later recall. $35.




“Damiana, that was amazing! Thank you for taking the time to channel these messages for me; I truly am grateful. What was communicated through you for me struck a deep chord in my heart. You have a gift, Damiana, and I know that you have and can help so many with it. Not only did your messages strengthen my own beliefs, but cleared a lot of the fog on some things that really just made no sense to me. You have helped me a lot, and I believe you will also help the world tremendously. Thank you so much.”



“Thank you so much. The reading was extremely beneficial to me. The whole message resonates with me. I guess I’ve known all along what I should be doing. It was a very powerful message. Thank you.”



“You’re quite talented. I felt a deep happiness when I was hearing the reading. Lots of energy rushed through me, from my head down to my feet. My eyes teared up. Many thanks and love to you."


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Damiana Sage Miller, Extraterrestrial Guide, Starseed

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